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8 Best Beach Volleyball to Light Up The Sands In Summertime!

Best Beach Volleyball

Are you one of those folks who love to have an entertaining match of volleyball on a hot, sunny beach? Well, you’re not alone! That’s why with you, we’d try to locate the best beach volleyball among the thousands of different choices in the market.

Having a quality volleyball is a must, especially when you want to have a decent playing experience. Playing with cheap, substandard grade volleyballs would only result in a quickly tiring experience and aching wrists and arms. So, if you don’t want such an event to occur, it’s time to find the best outdoor volleyball.

Best Beach Volleyball

Here in our detailed guide, we’ll try to find out some of the premium picks. You’d find a variety of options in the market, but not all of them possess the quality you’re looking for.

Characteristics of Balls for Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyballs, unlike their indoor counterparts, are lighter and softer. As a result, they can be worked with the wind better. Another key characteristic about beach volleyball is they’re built water-resistant. Being played on the beach water exposure is inevitable. That’s why beach volleyballs are made water-resistant. Moreover, you can also use them for fun pool volleyball as well.

Wilson Graffiti Volleyball

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What’s great about it

First on our list is Wilson’s Graffiti Volleyball. Packed with tones and tones of features, if you’re looking for the best sand volleyball there, perhaps here it is! This highly well-received ball is something you should have for entertaining matches throughout the year.

The official dimensions and weight should be a quality practice ball for those who play or wish to play at the pro level.


  • Specified age: 13 to above (adult).
  • Material used: Synthetic.
  • Color: Pink/blue/yellow.


Another amazing thing about this particular ball is that it offers heavy durability. Regular playing sessions can easily weaken the outer surface of the ball. But, this 18-panel machine-sewn ball provides a heavy-duty build you can rely upon.


  • Out of the world design.
  • Similar weight and dimensions of the pro level.
  • Extended durability.
  • Butyl rubber keeps it inflated longer.


  • It May seem slightly harder.

What makes this beach volleyball stand out

The thing that makes it completely stand out from the other balls is its beautiful graffiti design. Out of the world, graffiti makes it look stunning and easily attracts any passersby.

Continuous re-inflating can make things more complicated and tarnish the fun of the game. But with the premium Butyl rubber bladder construction, the air is sealed in tight. So, you don’t lose the air much, making it less dependent on continuous inflating.

Fans Says

It’s one of those few items which almost all of its users have immensely positively reviewed. Here is what one user has to say about it

This is a great practice ball. I have been hitting it against a brick wall for some exercise while stuck at home. The pretty pattern has worn slightly (totally expected), but it’s keeping its tightness and inflation.



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What’s great about it

Here comes another highly well-received pick by Mikasa. This VLS300 by Mikasa is one of those volleyballs you can take out for entertaining matches any day. Let’s look at some of the key characteristics of this item.

Sometimes losing the original shape becomes an issue for the player. But the reinforced panels engineered in the ball’s construction make it hold up the spherical shape for longer.

On top of that, this ball comes with a heavy-duty cover. As a result, it shouldn’t come off with weeks of play, as you see with many substandard volleyballs.


  • Color: Yellow/Blue/White Mix
  • Age specifications: Adult
  • Weight: 9.88 Ounces


To have an idea about this ball’s quality, it was the official volleyball for London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics.

Built using smart engineering techniques, this ball offers a supple cover which makes handling it much more fun!

Moreover, this ball is also water-resistant, making it protected from exposure to water.


  • Offers outstanding shape retention.
  • Nominated official ball for London and Rio Olympics.
  • It makes handling much easier with supple covering.
  • Protected from water issues.
  • Protected under a three-year-long warranty scheme.


  • Can wear down quickly.

What makes this beach volleyball stand out

Finally, a warranty is something highly important with any product you buy. No matter what the item, everyone takes a warranty as a safety token, and manufacturers trust their product. And this, too, proves it with a three-long year warranty by Mikasa!

One issue that may trouble you is the wear of it. It may wear down a bit too quickly, which is a problem. But keeping this minor issue aside, this should be a quality pick on the whole!

Fans Says

Mikasa VLS300 is one of those highly rated volleyball options you may want to have in your backyards. Here’s a user talking about it:

            “Has enough weight to play in a light breeze and doesn’t lose shape like the Wilson AVP. Fun to play with

You can also take a look on our mikasa mva200 volleyball review based on a deep research.


Spalding King of the Beach

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What’s great about it

At the third spot, we have another premium pick, this time by the renowned Spalding! Known for making quality sports balls, Spalding’s King of the Beach is just another add-on to their long line of standard sports balls! Let’s glance through the numerous features they have to offer.

The first good thing about this ball is, it’s powered with an exclusive hand-stitched cover. This premium cover is a heavy-duty all-weather cover that improves durability!


  • Color: White with Black Linings and Text
  • Age: Adult
  • Weight: 1lbs


It also has an improved bladder construction which holds the air inside for a longer period and offers resiliency for a satisfying match.

The lining mechanism in the construction makes it retain the size for a long time.


  • Hand-stitched cover offers heavy durability.
  • Improved bladder design for holding in the air for long.
  • Longer size retention.
  • A softer ball surface makes the game more enjoyable.


  • May tend to lose air after some use.

What’s makes this beach volleyball stand out

While hitting the ball with the hand, a harder surface can make it highly irritating and can even cause aches. But the microfiber cover provides a softer surface so you can play as you desire without any feeling of hardness.

One thing that you may have issues with is the air. It may tend to lose air after some use. But considering it, on the whole, this is a premium volleyball you can go for any day!

Fans Say

Spalding’s King of the Beach is undoubtedly one of those volleyballs, which is rated to be amongst some of the most popular balls. Here’s what one user has to say about it:

            “First and foremost, the ball has a pleasant feel that only a player can attest to. . now and then, the ball rolls into the grass and yet does not get too heavy (compared to Wilson) and a quick wipe with a towel, it gets back to its original form. Even the sand that sticks on the ball is relatively less, which irritates the eyes if not properly dusted. Going by the 2012 model, the ball also has enough longevity.”


Wilson Cast Away Volleyball

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What’s great about it

If you’re one of those serious, Tom Hanks, Cast Away fans out there; then this is something you and the like would enjoy with delight! Let’s see what this interesting piece has to offer.

First and foremost, the design of this ball is just spectacular. It’d catch the attention of anyone who looks at it, surely turn up a large spectator crowd following the match. The CastAway themed, red Cast Away logo makes it look stunningly attractive.


  • Color: White/Red
  • Age: 13 and above
  • Manufacturer: Wilson


Durability is one of those things that all athletes are worried about. Due to wear, the balls quickly turn into something else and completely distorts the entire chemistry. If you don’t want such a thing happening with you, then this could be the option. Because the 18-panel machine sewn construction offers the maximum durability! The heavy-duty ball is made with a synthetic cover for lasting performance.


  • Highly attractive Castaway themed ball.
  • Heavy-duty 18 Panel Machine Sewn Synthetic ball offers out of the world durability.
  • Butyl rubber bladder holds in air tight.


  • It May seem slightly hard on the surface.

What’s makes this beach volleyball stand out

Butyl rubber bladder is another key add-on that makes it more dependable. As a result of introducing butyl rubber in the bladder’s making, it won’t lose air much, and you won’t have to go pumping every 2 hours.

Although, there’s one little thing that can slightly bother you a bit. That is, the surface of the ball may seem a bit too hard to pounce. But keeping that minor flaw aside, the volleyball should perform outstandingly well and be a quality add-on for the team any day!

Fans Say

Super rated on the online stores; this is surely one of the most popular balls you’d find right now. Look what this user has to say about it:

            “We’ve played with him a couple of times; he’s better than others! He also doesn’t hurt your wrists like the cheap nameless joes! He’s a great person to talk to, he’s not gonna tell any secrets. He’s also a celebrity; he played a voice of reason but a snarky, loyal companion to Tom Hanks’ character in the movie Castaway.


Chance Soft Volleyball

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What’s great about it

Number five on the list is Chance’s soft volleyball. This highly attractive volleyball can be a quality companion for all those who wish to have decent matches day in and day out.

Well, the first thing that we’d like to talk about is the style of the ball. Coming bright splash yellow and Celine teal, Chance’s balls look extraordinarily striking.


  • Color: Splash Yellow, Celine Teal
  • Material: Composite
  • Age: Youth


For those who find volleyballs to be harder surfaced and difficult to hit with sheer force, this can be reliable support! Because it houses the sponge-backed composite cover, which makes it softer on the outside. As a result, you won’t feel any pain while hitting it hard!

The longevity of volleyball is always important. It’s getting hit hard constantly by the athletes, so that wearing can occur fast. But with this one, the chances are slim. This particular ball comes with a construction technique called 18-panel stitching, making the ball super-sturdy and prevents wearing quickly.


  • The flashy, attractive outer design.
  • Soft padding makes it much more enjoyable to play with.
  • Improved longevity with 18-panel stitching mechanism.
  • Waterproof and can be taken to the pool.
  • Butyl bladder for optimum air pressure.


  • Can get damaged easily hitting against thorny areas or hard surface.

As it’s waterproof, you can take to the pool, expose it to the water without any worries; it performs equally well both in and outdoors.

What makes this beach volleyball stand out

Moreover, this premium volleyball too has a butyl rubber bladder. And as a result, you won’t lose any air making it fully pressurized to provide optimum hitting and mind-boggling performance.

After all, the positives here are something you should be a bit careful about. Playing it near thorny bushes or harder rocks can be an issue. The soft composite outer layer can get damaged easily and is one of its drawbacks as well.

But on the whole, this should be a quality volleyball you can go for any given day!

Fans Says

The flashy Chance’s is among the top-rated volleyballs among customers. One user says as following:

            “If you play volleyball outside, this is a great ball. We have made the mistakes of buying indoor volleyballs and my kids have left them outside; they freeze and hurt.


Wilson NCAA Beach Championship Game Volleyball

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What’s great about it

Here is another quality volleyball by Wilson. At number six, this option in our guide can be the ideal match for those who want to have a good match every day! Time to find out the hidden secrets of this ball!

Like many other professional-grade volleyballs in the guide, this one is also manufactured using an 18-panel sewn construction, which adds to its durability. But unlike the other ones, this one is specially handsewn, making it a special one!


  • Color: White/Blue
  • Material: Composite
  • Manufacturer: Wilson Sporting Goods


Hand controlling some volleyballs can seem a bit too difficult because of their outer surface. But Wilson’s NCAA comes with deep grooves, which makes handling smooth like butter and provides the desired wind resistance, making the ball land where You want it, not the wind.


  • Heavy-duty 18 panel handsewn construction.
  • Added groves make it easy to control.
  • Better wind resistance makes the play more accurate.
  • Microfiber composite leather doesn’t let any sand or liquid stay on the surface.


  • Can be prone to wear and tear.

What makes this beach volleyball stand out

It uses microfiber composite leather material which works well against dirt and other liquid substances. As a result, it maintains a similar weight throughout the game for an ideal playing experience.

It can be prone to wear and tear due to heavy use. But,all in all, this is a quality volleyball you can go ahead with!

Fans Says

It may not be as highly popular as the rest of the guide’s balls, but this one also has a good rating. Let’s see what the users feel about this ball:

            “Same ball as the AVP yellow tour ball. Great value!


Molten Elite Beach Volleyball

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What’s great about it

At the concluding part of our guide, we have another premium pick, this time by Molten. Molten’s Elite volleyball should be a strong contender if you’ve looking for high-quality volleyball for entertaining matches.

You’d be glad to learn that Molten is the official volleyball of USA volleyball and approved by the North, Central America, and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation AKA NORCECA. These highly prestigious positions themselves speak of their quality quite well.


  • Color: Red/White/Blue, Silver/Whilte/Blue
  • Material: Composite
  • Age: Adult


If you desire the elegance in touch, then this hand-stitched ball is something you should own.


  • Holds prestigious acclamations.
  • Offers outstanding playability.
  • Highly durable.
  • 1 year-long warranty.


  • Can be prone to wear and tear.

Whats makes this beach volleyball stand out

Another important factor while getting a volleyball is the issue of longevity. With the special manufacturing process, this ball is made sturdy to withstand regular hard-hitting matches. You’re also getting a year-long warranty back up.

It can be prone to wear quickly so we’d ask you to be a bit careful with it. But on the whole, this should be a quality ball to go for any day!

Fans Say

It’s also known to be a quality ball among the users. One user says as following:

            “Exactly as expected. Good quality for the price and timely shipment.


Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball

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What’s great about it

Finally, we have perhaps the best beach volleyball you’ve ever played with. Undoubtedly a great pick and a sure purchase for those who only value premium experience on the field.

With a highly detailed and complex design, this ball looks speechless during the match and enables ultimate ball tracking!


  • Color: Yellow/Red/Black
  • Age: Adult
  • Date of release: April 23, 2020


The paint also offers a greater insight, especially how the balls spin, and provide deeper insight into the game.


  • Improves outstanding ball tracking.
  • It gives deeper insight into spin detecting paint.
  • Specially hand-crafted durable build that lasts.
  • Maintains a similar shape even after playing over and over again.


  • It can be worn down after use.

Whats makes this beach volleyball stand out

Made to last, this hand-crafted genius is something that would offer you an unbelievably extended usage.

Besides a durable build, it also maintains the shape well, so you get the same feeling every time you strike it!

Just like any other item, it can be prone to wear and tear. But minor flaws and individual experiences are nothing compared to the quality it offers. Certainly, one of the best beach volleyball right now and should be a quality add-on for the team every time!

Fans Says

This is without a doubt one of the highly praised items in the entire marketplace. Let’s find out what some of the users have to say about it.

       “Really good ball, as one would expect being this season’s official one. Highly recommended.


Difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball

There isn’t much difference between the two, there are many differences that exist. Let’s talk about some of them:

The Type of Ball Used

The first difference we’d like to mention is the type of ball used in each game. Indoor and beach volleyball uses different sorts of balls. Indoor volleyballs are designed for power and quicker shots. As a result, they’re slightly tougher and weigh slightly more than their beach counterparts.

While beach volleyball isn’t one hundred percent similar, instead, they’re lighter and softer to touch. In dimensions, they tend to be a bit larger than indoor volleyball.

Subtle Mechanics

Another difference to notice is the entire mechanics of each sort of game. Indoor volleyballs are less strategic and based more on quick reflexes. At the same time, beach volleyball involves different strategies, especially based on atmospheric conditions. The direction of the wind, for instance, is one of the key factors athletes consider while playing beach volleyball. One of the key responsibilities of beach volleyball revolves around using the environment to the team’s advantage.

Size of the Court

Apart from indoor courts having a wooden surface and beach volleyball having sand, there are major differences in the size. Beach volleyball is 2 meters shorter in length than the regular indoor ones. Furthermore, beach volleyballs are also 1 meter short in width. So, overall, beach volleyball courts are smaller than indoor volleyball courts.

Why do we choose these picks?

Well, behind choosing the items in our guide, several processes were performed. Let’s talk about some of them.


The first thing involved in picking a quality ball from among the thousands of different other options is research. Through proper research and thorough investigation, correct products can be chosen from the market.

Market Study

Another smart way to find the quality item is through market study. Studying the market is perhaps the most effective way to locate a potential item without any issues. Product comparison and understanding the benefits of each item can very well give a glimpse.

How to Choose a Beach Volleyball

Getting the best beach volleyball out of hundreds of different choices can be a painstaking job. That’s why here we present you the available features which make a quality beach volleyball.

Softer Outer Surface

This is one of the most important factors to consider, especially if you’re a new volleyball athlete. Harder surfaced volleyballs would make it highly difficult for anyone to strike. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to end up with an aching hand after playing, it’s best to go for volleyballs with a softer cover on the outer surface.

Holds in Air Tight

Fully air-filled balls are a must for excellent response. If balls are not purely inflated, then it would move much upon striking. So, always find volleyballs that come with a quality bladder that locks air in tight and secure.

Usually, Butyl rubber bladders are highly effective in terms of locking in the air. As a result, the ball would remain properly inflated for longer hours.

Outer Design

Having a catchy outer design can certainly lift the athletes’ spirits and make the game more fun to watch. Apart from the beauty perspective, smartly designed balls also offer clues regarding the spin. It makes you understand the opponent’s strategy and the atmosphere. So, always get volleyballs with a striking outer appearance.

Durability Aspect

Volleyballs need extra consideration for durability. Because of the game’s highly intense nature, losing shape is one of the most common issues. Moreover, a torn and ripped outer surface can be the result of sustained wear from each match. As a result, you must find out the most durable volleyballs.

Getting 18-panel leather, machine, or handsewn balls can provide a sturdy outer surface for a longer service.

These are some of the key considerations before you purchase volleyball. If you make sure all the mentioned features are available, it’s possible to locate the best beach volleyball.


Which beach volleyball is best?

One that stays inflated longer has a sturdy design, and offers a better striking experience can be a quality volleyball.

What is the official beach volleyball?

Official volleyball is the one that is nominated by an organization as the ideal ball to be used in each of the matches.

What is beach volleyball made of?

Beach volleyballs can be exposed to water. As a result, they’re made with composite materials for better water resistance.

What is softer? A beach volleyball or an indoor volleyball

A beach volleyball is always the softer and lighter option between the two. Indoor volleyballs are made using leather which makes them heavier and tougher.

What is the official weight and size of a volleyball?

The official volleyball should be around 65-67 centimeter in circumference and weigh around 9-10 oz.

Are volleyballs waterproof?

Not all volleyballs are waterproof. But quality beach volleyballs are made waterproof as they’re often exposed to water.

Is there a difference between regular volleyball and beach volleyball?

Yes. Regular indoor volleyballs and beach volleyballs differ in multiple aspects. Beach volleyballs are lighter and much larger than regular indoor volleyballs.

Final Words

As you might have noticed, we have gone through almost all the aspects of volleyball. First, we outlined some of the best beach volleyball in the market right now. We detailed their features and explained comprehensively both the strengths and weaknesses, so we’re positive that you’ve got a fuller understanding regarding each of the items.

On top of that, we’ve also provided critical information on the related fields making the entire idea simpler and easier to grasp.

Quality volleyballs are the chief factor that makes a match entertaining. So, if you’re ready to hit the beach this summer and find the real joy of beach volleyball, get the best beach volleyball right now and run straight to the beach!

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