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5 Best Sunglasses for Beach Volleyball

Even if Daphne was instead of Velma from Scooby-Doo playing some beach volleyball game, she would need shades. Sensitive eyes or not, coming under direct sun exposure when you’re playing on the opposite side of the sun can be tricky if you don’t have your sun shades on you in the game.

As if the ball spinning and all that jazz wasn’t raising the bars of difficulty, you now have the sun playing against you. The counter to that lies in using the best beach volleyball sunglasses. But choosing the right beach volleyball sunglasses is not so easy.

This is why we teamed up with users and experts on deciding about the lenses, customization, and looks of the 5 best beach volleyball sunglasses you can take.

5 Best Sunglasses for Beach Volleyball

01. Best Overall: Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses- Taylor Crabb Sunglass

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It offers a dual UV protection and blue light protection (up to 400 mm), and of course, a game impact bend and no-breaking feature.

 Product Highlights:

  • Oakley Flak XL 2.0 gives unobtanium rubber on the temples for maximized comfort.
  • Black iridium/Plutonite polarized sunglasses lenses.
  • Oakley lenses have high-definition optics for clear vision.
  • Extended wearability with distributed pressure from the Three-Point System.
  • Oakley sunglasses gives better contrast from Prizm Lens Technology.
  • Acetate frame makes it the best beach volleyball sunglasses.


  • This beach volleyball sunglasses are Insignificant to no visual distortion.
  • Excellent optical clarity is one of the most important feature of this beach volleyball sunglasses.
  • Grips in a heavy sweat.
  • Oakley flak 2.0 is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Durable beach volleyball sunglasses that will last you years.
  • Comes with a microfiber bag and case.


  • Expensive.

02. Best value: Under Armour Octane Beach Volleyball Sunglasses

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Octane in your beach volleyball sunglasses? Not really. The most significant feature that separates Under Armour from its competitors is its lenses. So what it does, is it combines two excellent benefits of illuminating objects you are viewing and enhancing contrast as you play.

Another notable feature is the universal fit on chubby to slim faces resulting from the temples’ outward flex. But if you have issues on the nose fitting, you can readjust the pads as you like, as those are adjustable.

You also get a combination of vivid contrast and clear vision from the ArmourSight lenses.

Product Highlight:

  • Grilamid and Titanium lenses.
  • Protect from UVA, UVB rays.
  • Mirror coating or flash coating to prevent scratches and allow reflection and reduced glare.
  • Under Armour Storm, the coating that resists water and fog on the lenses.
  • Polyamide frames.
  • Customizable rubber pads on the nose area.
  • Plastic frame made it lightweight which eventually be a good prescription beach volleyball sunglasses.


  • Smudge-proof and scratch proof.
  • Durable and lightweight frame.
  • Comes with a microfiber bag.


  • Made for sunny weather only, not dark settings.

03. Best cheap: HULISLEM Blade Sport Polarized Beach Volleyball Sunglasses

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We understand that you want durable beach volleyball sunglasses that offer a variety of specs, but has style ever been a factor in deciding upon what beach volleyball sunglass is the best for you? To some, maybe yes. If the style does matter, Hulislem polarized sunglasses are the best prescription beach volleyball sunglasses. And what’s more, you will not need to pay a fortune to get these stylish beach volleyball sunglasses.

As you will notice later in the article, we have players on and against the use of polarized sunglasses lense saying that those compromise depth perception, But here’s one that doesn’t!

Product Highlights:

  • Mirror coating to allow more reflection of direct sun rays.
  • Iridium lenses.
  • Ventilated frames are made of lightweight polycarbonate material which made it prescription beach volleyball sunglasses.
  • Minor impact-bearing frames.
  • Accutint Lens Coloring that maintains maximum natural color vision through the lenses.
  • Blade Sport lenses with reduced distortion.


  • This polarized sunglasses have UV protection and Blue Light shield.
  • Very stylish polarized sunglasses.
  • Low cost option for sun protection in beach games.
  • Reduced glares.
  • Hard and soft case also come with this polarized sunglasses.


  • No option for prescription beach volleyball sunglasses lenses.


04. Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses

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Color enhancement and protection for harmful rays are two of the main features that make the Red Sands stand out from Maui’s other products. Usually, when playing beach volley, the first hurdle you need to overcome in terms of volleyball is recognizing its spin and direction and calculating your reaction time to that serve.

When volleyballs do not have sharply contrasting colors like the Mikasa MVA200 and instead have colors on a similar spectrum, it becomes harder to differentiate the ball spin. It gets a lot worse when the sun is also acting as a factor to deceive your eyes. In that case, color enhancement from your lenses comes off as a great help.

Product Highlights:

  • Plus2 polarized lenses that shield you from the sun.
  • Patented color boosting lens technology.
  • Blue mirror coating for increased reflection.
  • Scratch-proof Mauipure lenses.
  • Lightweight injected nylon frame.


  • This beach volleyball sunglasses is great for larger head sizes.
  • Excellent quality lenses with increased optimal clarity.
  • Holds up sweat well.
  • Durable frames and pads.
  • Color enhancement on the lenses stands out better than most beach volleyball sunglasses.


  • Scratch resistance could be better.
  • Expensive.


05. Maui Jim Barrier Reef Sunglasses

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As the name, The Barrier from Maui acts as a great barrier between the harmful sun rays and your delicate eye area, allowing you to play the game of volleyball with maximum focus.

In terms of coverage, you get a full wrap and a great fit. The wrap basically comes from two points: the saddle-like nylon bridge on the eyewear frame and the hinged (and embedded) nose pads. No other beach volleyball sunglasses that we studied today gave so much focus on the fit. Let’s see.

Product Highlights:

  • Bi-gradient glass lenses.
  • Blue mirror coating for maximum sun ray reflection.
  • Plus2 polarized lenses to manage sun glares.
  • HEV and UV protection.
  • Distortion-free lens build.


  • Perfect fit as expected from the specs.
  • Comfortable to wear around the head and nose areas.
  • Lightweight frame make it a good prescription beach volleyball sunglasses.
  • Better stay on your nose.
  • Great eye protection.


  • May feel heavy for narrow-faced users.

Buying Guide for the Perfect Beach Volleyball Sunglasses:

Here’s the most comprehensive buying guide that you may follow to help yourself to buy the best sports glasses for beach volleyball:


Let’s know all about the lenses:


There are 3 kinds of tints that you need to be aware of:


Neutral tints are based in grey but may come off as blue or green ones overall. They are the best when your games fall in the sunniest days, and you need to face a lot of glare. One thing, though, you get less contrast on grey-toned glasses.


If you want more contrast, being disappointed with the first option of tint, you can go for rose-based beach volleyball sunglasses. For cloudy days in which your game falls, this could be your go-to.


Brown-toner beach volleyball sunglasses strike the middle ground being both well-performing in dark and lit outdoor settings. However, if you have light-sensitivity issues and wear spectacles regularly, the first option of grey-tint will serve you best.


Most lenses are the four main materials:


These are cheaper than lightweight polycarbonate options and hence discount their advantages. But these are options you could go for if you don’t find PC sunglasses near at hand. These are more suited for casual outdoor volley games.


Polycarbonate is the best available option due to its superior impact-resistant capability. This is also very lightweight and has scratch-resistant abilities (although not as good as glass). This is for regular use and practice volley sessions on the beach, also usable in-game time.


Polyurethane options are PC but better and more expensive. They also give you great optical clarity and flexibility.


The most clarity and the most scratch-resistant deal is from glass beach volleyball sunglasses. But some say this is more injury-prone than using PU or PC.


Additional layers of coating will be added to the glass as you go up on the price range. The most common coatings are hydrophobic and anti-scratch, which help resist water and scratch, respectively.

Another kind of coating called flash coating is used to reflect the light and reduce the glare you get by reflecting out most of what it is receiving.


The lenses can also have the following features:

Replacement lenses/Interchangeable lenses

If you want to use your beach volleyball sunglasses for occasional outings and camp night parties, you can easily use replacement lenses if you own an interchangeable lens mechanism.


As the intensity of the light changes, you will find the lens colors changing. So on brighter days, these glasses will darken and allow you to play your beach volley tournament with ease.


When sensitivity is an issue for you, polarized sunglasses do help a lot. But in volleyball games that require a good amount of coordination between the hands and the eyes, this may not be so great of an option as it plays with depth. So, you’d do better switching to photochromic ones.


When selecting your frame, no matter what the other considerations are, the first should be how good it fits you.Will they stick so hard that it gives you a bad headache later? Only after you have the optimal grip and thereby fit of your sunglasses should you move on to the next points.

Flexible frame check out is also very important: if it will just sit on the ears or be a wrap-around one. Lastly, making sure that the nose pads and temples have hydrophilic components in them, you can now focus on the final aspect: frame materials.

Here are the two main kinds of frame material that you will be dealing with:


These are the least flexible of the lot but come in several color options. If the look of your sunglasses is really important to you, these offer a great variety. But they’re meant for casual games.


This is your durable, lightweight frame and most-sought flexible option. These frames have great impact-resistant abilities to add to your beach volleyball sunglasses.


If your doctor is giving you prescription lenses, it isn’t a point that you can exactly customize to your choice. However, you can customize lens colors and frames if you do not have any such dependability. And you don’t have the nearsighted/farsighted issues; you may also get a sunglass model where the lenses are changeable.


Cheaper sunglasses made with acrylic lenses, nylon frames, and having fewer layers of the coating may suit you if you have a budget issue. But if you want things like high impact-resistance, excellent coverage and flexibility, and something that will last longer and be kind to your eyes on the hot and sweaty beach days, you’ll need to pay the price.

What Others Think

Other’s idea about the five beach volleyball sunglasses mentioned on the list vary in these ways:

Oakley XL is known for its comfort and unique, sleek look, which most of the customers gush over. The nose pads conform to the wearer’s nose very decently, and the contour makes sure that the beach volleyball sunglasses do not slip down. They remain in their position during the game and beyond. The rimless bottom is the biggest defense against sweat building, which most consumers loved.

Under Armour sunglasses are more on the solid side than on the flexible side of the sunglass spectrum. But that doesn’t mean it just sticks to your head. It is very forgiving and helps to tackle glare as one of the best sports glasses for beach volleyball should be able to do.

Hulislem consumers have more positives than negatives to speak about it. Although polarization is a debatable topic as to how good or bad it is in terms of depth analysis during the game. However, there were issues regarding the nose pad for some wearers, despite which we have a positive end review.

Maui Red has increased optimal clarity and a better fit that makes them stand out. Most of the customers love how beautifully the color enhancement happens with these lenses.

Maui Barrier technically felt a little tighter than most other sunglasses for the beach, but they got relaxed once they were regularly worn and used. Most of the customers loved the sunglasses for the grip.


  • What brands make up the best beach volleyball sunglasses?

Other than the well heard-of Ray-Ban, brands like Maui and Oakley, as mentioned in the list, make some great beach sunglasses.

  • Is there any particular color of sunglasses that acts as the best in beach volley games?

Lighter colored shades are better for moderate to low-lit settings and hence will need to be ousted out of your list when deciding on beach volley glasses. Since you will be facing the glaring suns, darker shades in gray or brown will be better fitted. Blue and green lenses are good too for reducing eye strain.

  • What kind of volleyball sunglasses does Taylor Crabb wear?

The go-to option for Taylor Crabb is his Oakley Crossrange Shield. It comes with removable nose pads and temples and features a single lens for optimal performance and multifold use.

Final Words

Hopefully enough, you liked the best beach volleyball sunglasses that we proposed! Out of the top five, Oakley has the biggest chances, but the rest are great prescription beach volleyball sunglasses too, in terms of varying specifications. If any point makes you feel like it isn’t going well, you always have the most comprehensive beach sunglass buying guide with you, so shop along!

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