Best Volleyball Shoes For Liberos In 2021 (Best In The Market)

best volleyball shoes for libero

Special shoes are required while you are in the libero job to get lightweight traction and comfort. As well as your shoes must absorb the impact of jumping as it is the sport of jumpers. Finding the best volleyball shoes for liberos is a hard job because you need to find one that will give you all the facilities in the volleyball court that we have mentioned before.

You will find hundreds of shoes but which one is best for you when you are playing in a volleyball team? Let us help! From the real user experience, we will discuss some best shoes for liberos with pros and cons so that you can find out the best one.

Bottom line:

For the libero position, you need to wear a good shoe which will give you comfort, flexibility, and durability. Low forward and backward movement along with lateral movement demands your foot’s flexibility as well as the shoe’s flexibility and durability.

7 Best volleyball shoes for liberos

1. Mizuno Men's Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe

Mizuno men's wave momentum mid in court shoes

To get the ultimate support Mizuno’s wave technology can help you a lot. This lightweight body provides a snug fit with the most possible comfort. A bootie constructed upper makes a sleek fit for its non-sew material. Imported rubber sole helps to absorb the impact of moving low forward and backward in the libero position.

It will provide a superior grip in the indoor court floor grip. The high-quality body material will give a long-lasting using experience with its super comfortable grip along with stable and superior cushioning. This mizuno volleyball shoes will meet all expectations for the libero position.


  1. This mizuno volleyball shoe is durable and flexible.
  2. Shaft measures from arch to mid-top.
  3. 3 layer no-sew upper provides a soft and secure fit.
  4. The unique wave bolt technology from Mizuno.


  1. Mizuno wave shoes are good for liberos.
  2. Well fitted shoe.
  3. Wearing this shoe feels lightweight and give good support.
  4. Great floor grip and ankle support.
  5. This shoe made with high-quality material.
  6. Reasonable Price.


  1. Only one color of mizuno wave section is available.

2. ASICS Men's Gel-Rocket Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Shoes for men are made for the best performance in the court. The lightweight mesh upper synthetic overlay gives balanced support and desired comfort. To get the optimal fit traditional lacing enclosure is included with it.

The innovative rearfoot gel cushioning and also gel cushioning system of forefoot of this shoe used as a shock absorber while moving forward or backward in the libero. The traditional solid outsole of rubber enhances the traction on court systems.

The unique “Trusstic System” of this shoe reduces the weight of the sole without compromising structural integrity. It is an excellent pair of volleyball shoes for beginners in the indoor court. To get a good fit, comfortable at a good price it can be a good choice if you are searching for the best volleyball shoes for liberos.



  1. It provides structured support and comfort.
  2. Cushioned footbeds provide added cushioning.
  3. Molded-EVA midsole enhances shock-absorbing.
  4. The traditional lacing enclosure is perfect for both narrow and wide legs.
  5. Natural rubber solid outsole provides enhanced traction.


  1. Cheaper price.
  2. Comfortable and perfect fit.
  3. Superior movement and support through the gait cycle.
  4. Technology of Trusstic System.
  5. Forefoot GEL Cushioning System.
  6. Various colors are available.


  1. Too narrow for extra-wide legs.

3. ASICS Gel-Rocket- Women's Volleyball Shoes

Asics gel rocket 9 volleyball shoe

This is the best volleyball shoes for women which is designed by the renowned brand ASICS. In the previous review, we have reviewed the shoes from the same brand but that was made for males. You will get the same support from this shoe which is provided for women. The mesh lining and cushion footbed will give you comfort and optimal fit.

Traditional lacing enclosure of this shoe ensures a perfect fit, as well as the rear and forefoot gel cushioning system, providing great shock absorption. To provide extra lightweight features for women it has “Trusstic System” technology. The natural rubber gum outsole will perfectly ensure the traction on the court.


  1. You will get structured support and comfort.
  2. Mesh lining cushioned footbeds provide perfect comfort.
  3. Includes a traditional lacing enclosure.
  4. Shock absorbing by the middle – EVA midsole.
  5. Improved traction in the court.


  1. Reasonable price.
  2. Volleyball shoes asics women’s is good looking and a lot of colors available.
  3. Specially made for women.
  4. Perfect fit.
  5. Durable and Comfortable.
  6. Technology of Trusstic Tystem.
  7. Forefoot GEL Cushioning System.


  1. Not good for extra-wide legs.

4. Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z5 Indoor Court Shoe

As you are searching for the best volleyball shoes for liberos, the Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z5 Indoor Court Shoe can be a good choice for you. Mizuno has a reputation to make the best comfortable shoes for volleyball. Featured with a new 360-degree breathable upper air mesh along with Mizuno’s technology makes it good enough.

Lightweight stability with the electric acceleration and efficient energy transfer system provides ultimate comfort on the court. To provide the maximum speed and power to the player a diagonal flexible groove efficiently transfers natural body movement and shifts in the direction.



  1. 360-degree fit with dynamotion fit technology.
  2. The diagonal flexible groove in the midfoot.
  3. Shaft measures from arch to low-top.
  4. Mizuno’s provides controlled cushioning.
  5. Lightweight helps stability during rapid lateral movements in the libero position .


  1. Specially designed for libero position.
  2. Provide all-round foot support.
  3. Parallel wave technology gives perfect support and  stability also good comfort.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Textile and synthetic material provides a sturdy and long-lasting lifespan.
  6. Great Floor grip and ankle support.


  1. Price is a little higher than other brands.

5. Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoe

Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoe

Nike Pegasus Running Shoe is perfectly designed for volleyball libero position. The synthetic material and rubber sole provide excellent grip along with comfort and perfect fit. Innovative dynamic fit technology delivers a perfect fit for every size of legs. The zoom air units provide responsive cushioning in the low forward and backward quick movement. The perfect shapes notch at the tongue help to easily put on and off the shoes. The Fitsole sock liner conforms to the shape of your foot and provides comfort and underfoot support according to the shape.


  1. This nike volleyball shoe has synthetic material gives long-lasting and durable life.
  2. Rubber sole provides improved traction with the courts.
  3. Shaft measures 3.1″ from arch.
  4. lightweight ventilation.
  5. Responsive cushioning.
  6. The Fitsole sock line conforms to the foot shape and provides perfect comfort and support.


  1. Responsive cushioning.
  2. Comfortable fit.
  3. Notches at the tongue.
  4. Best for volleyball.


  1. The price is higher.
If you want to see all the best nike shoes at a glance you can check our best nike shoes for volleyball article.

6. ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic FF MT Shoes For Volleyball

ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic FF MT Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Netburner Ballistic Volleyball Shoes for men are reliable footwear for indoor volleyball. As you are searching for shoes of libero it can be a good choice for you because of its EVA insole and rubber outsole for perfect grip and durability at a time.

The flyte foam technology in the midsole gives lightweight feelings and extra bounces. It is a comfortable and stylish shoe for volleyball and especially for the libero position.


  1. Rearfoot and forefoot GEL technology.
  2. Moisture management.
  3. Flytefoam midsole technology.
  4. Removable Sockliner accommodates a medical orthotic.
  5. Traditional natural solid rubber outsole enhances the traction.


  1. Good fit and comfort.
  2. Gel technology cushioning system.
  3. Soft and low-density foam.
  4. Sockliner can be removed.
  5. FlyteFoam Midsole Technology.


  1. No good ankle support.

7. ASICS Men's Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoes, 11M

ASICS Mens Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoes

You will fill the energy with the ASICS Sky Elite FF Men’s Shoes for volleyball in the indoor court. It is specially designed for indoor courts and libero. The N.C rubber outsole gives excellent grip and high abrasion resistance. It helps quick turns and makes the jumps more comfortable. To control the twisting it has Trusstic system technology in the midfoot. The gel technology in the rare provides shock absorption and cushioning and the FLUIDRIDE technology in the midsole provides bounce-back and creates adaptive cushioning in the underfoot. The sock liner provides extra cushioning and manages the moisture effectively. It can be a great matchday collection for you for its lightweight technology.



  1. Natural rubber sole provides extra grip.
  2. TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology to control twisting.
  3. Designed for indoor courts.
  4. Designed for a libero position.
  5. Breathable air mesh upper and synthetic reinforcement helps the athletic movement.


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Attractive looks.
  3. Comfort fit.
  4. Excellent grip.
  5. Good for the libero position.
  6. Imported rubber sole.
  7. Keep your feet cool for breathable air mesh.


  1. The price is slightly high.

To make your decision making easy. We have made an easy guide from our verified reviewer so that you can easily choose from one of these.

  • Overall editors choice:

“Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe” is our editor’s choice for its unique parallel wave technology. A well as it has all the necessary features including good ankle support.

Mizuno men's wave momentum mid in court shoes
  • Most comfortable:

“Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoe“. You will find it most comfortable for its zoom air Technology.

Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoe
  • Most Durable:

Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z5 Indoor Court Shoe” has The diagonal flexible groove in the midfoot which makes it more durable.

  • Best Lightweight:

 “ASICS Gel-Rocket Volleyball Shoe” gives the lightweight feeling because of its lightweight build material.

Asics gel rocket 9 volleyball shoe
  • Best Traction: 

ASICS Netburner Ballistic FF MT Men’s Volleyball Shoe provides the best traction for its natural rubber outsole.

ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic FF MT Volleyball Shoes
  • Best Comfort:

 “ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket Volleyball Shoe” is the best comfortable shoes for the libero position.

Asics gel rocket 9 volleyball shoe
  • Most Flexible: 

ASICS Men’s Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoe is the more flexible with the FLUIDRIDE technology in the midsole.

ASICS Mens Sky Elite FF Volleyball Shoes

Buyers Guide and Information:

  What types of shoe are best for volleyball:

While you are going to invest money in volleyball shoes, you should focus on support and cushioning. These are provided form the inner sole. Remember to buy the shoes which have both forefoot and rare footpads. You may need to wear shoes for a long time. As well as focus on the midsole of a volleyball shoe because that is used for absorbing the shock of jumping.

Stability, breathability, weight, durability, design, and fit should be considered while buying the best shoes for volleyball. Try to find those types of athletic shoes which have all these features available. 

What makes the best volleyball shoes for libero:

The best volleyball shoes for libero must have EVA midsole to absorb the shock and pads and cushioning should be included in the forefoot and rearfoot. Those shoes should provide the best traction from other shoes.

How to choose the perfect shoes for volleyball as a libero:

When you are looking for the best volleyball shoes for the libero position it is essential to buy one which has excellent flexibility. Low forward and backward movement put a lot of strain on the foot’s flexibility. Besides you need to buy a  comfortable and durable shoes, though you are not jumping here & the literate movement needs a durable pair of volleyball shoes. Focus on these points:

  • Lightweight

The lightweight volleyball shoe gives more natural movement and the perfect moment is important for the libero position.

  • Traction

Floor grip is provided by traction. your shoes fail to provide the perfect grip. Natural rubber outsoles are recommended for good traction. Try to buy those shoes which have natural rubber outsoles.

  • Comfort

Try to buy those shoes which have a traditional lacing enclosure. For both the narrow and wide legs, you can adjust the enclosure to get the ultimate comfort and fit.

  • Price

Investing in the best shoes for volleyball can make sports very smooth and award-winning. So we recommended buying a shoe which has all the necessary features. You will have the best shoes within 50-200 USD.

  • Other factors

Various brands have their innovative technology to make the shoes more comfortable for the players, Such as Mizuno’s wave technology, Gel cushioning, and Trusstic system from ASICS. Look for which meets the need according to your demand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Professional volleyball players wear those types of shoes which have gum rubber sole material to achieve excellent traction. The gum rubber sole prevents the shoes from sliding on the floor

Those shoes are best for volleyball which gives excellent traction with the comfort and perfect fit.

We don’t recommend high top shoes, they will slow down your legs. If your high top has strong material such as an ankle brace, then it can be used.

Both brands have some unique technology in the volleyball shoes and their shoes have all the necessary features for the volleyball and libero position. In the budget range, ASICS can be better than Mizuno.

Final Words:

We hope after reading the full review now you know which should be your best choice and which is the best volleyball shoes for liberos. As well as we have added a buying guide so that you can easily make the buying decision. Overall we recommend buying “Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe” for its lower price and all necessary features.

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