Wallet-Heavy or Meh? How Much Do Volleyball Players Make
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Wallet-Heavy or Meh? How Much Do Volleyball Players Make


With all the news running about the salaries and transfer fees of football players first and cricketers/baseball players second, and basketball players hanging around the corner, one might wonder what about the fourth biggest deal?

How much do volleyball players make then?

If you can be a professional in the game, you may get the chance to play all around the globe and earn hard cash in thousands and make millions. Unless you use a coach, which some do not, you can have your share all by yourself, minus the taxes and rent.

Salary Range

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Usually, when you are starting volleyball, on an average, you make about a little above 40-60 thousand dollars a year, depending on the state you will be living in.

There’s a website called Salary Expert that keeps track of things, and from them, we have South Dakota, Houston, and Miami paying under 30-40 thousand a year, while Maine, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington pay under 35-50 thousand a year. Washington, DC, and NYC pay volleyball players the most from what we saw.

Topmost Salaries

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Things change up here, as the states mentioned before go up on their volleyball player’s highest salaries. The trio of South Dakota, Miami go some thousands of dollars above and pay more than 50 grand a year. The second section, Chicago/Washington, pay as much as 65 grand a year while NYC and WDC pay in 70-75 grand and above.


For that matter, the demand for volleyball players and athletes is expected to go above by 20 percent or more this year. But this is also a job with high turnover as volley players occasionally injure themselves. But if you make the cut to the professional league of volley players, you’re in for it big time.


Question: Who is paid the highest as a volleyball player?

Answer: Zhu Ting from China is the highest-paid volleyball celebrity. She earns about 1.5 million euros or 1.68 million dollars a year from her club VakifBank in Istanbul.

Question: Which male volleyball player is paid the highest?

Answer: It is Wilfredo Leon; he earns one and a half million dollars a year.

Question: Which female volleyball player is the most paid of all?

Answer: Although she doesn’t play anymore, Gabrielle Reece used to be the most paid at 10 million a year.

Question: How can I become like one of the professional volleyball players?

Answer: With good enough motivation, loads of training, and utilizing opportunities to boost your performance, you can become a pro volleyball player!

Question: How much in cash do the professional beach volleyball players make?

Answer: Based on where you play and what your professionality level is, in Europe, you make anything between a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month.


In the end, how much professional volleyball players make isn’t such a big deal; how they play is a bigger deal. Of course, the money factor can work as your motivation, but unless you have the skills, it won’t matter as much.

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