How to wear volleyball knee pads | Be informed with Smart Guide
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How to wear volleyball knee pads | Be informed with Smart Guide


Kneepads are essential in volleyball. If you want to prevent wounds and bruises, you must know how to wear volleyball knee pads properly.

To stop your opponent from the scoring points, you have to defend with whatever you can. Knee pads, in this case, save you from injuries when you dive in to defend opponents’ spikes. Further, if you want to be a professional volleyball athlete, you have to play without the fear of injuries. Knee pads remove any hesitancy that may arise from performing physically challenging maneuvers and makes you a complete sportsperson. Let’s look at how to wear volleyball knee pads properly.

How to Wear Volleyball Knee Pads

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Wearing volleyball knee pads is quite crucial before the match. Although, not that difficult, you should follow some simple procedures while doing so. Let’s find out how it’s done.

How Should they Fit

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How the knee pads should fit is always a common question asked by many. Well, if you want to know the answer in one sentence, then it should have a snug fit.

For further explanation, you should understand that snug fitting does not mean it would be tight; on the other hand, it won’t be too loose either. So, it would fit in just between being too tight or loose, and this is the perfect fit.

You can check it by pulling the knee pad downwards; if it comes down quickly, then it’s a bit loose. While a tight fit would make the knee pad clung on the top of the calf muscle. It is better to let the part of the pad be a bit looser than the lower band.

Putting Them On

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How to put them on? Well, you can wear them below the kneecap or wear it in a way that covers the lower half of the kneecap.

It is easier to keep the knee pad in place if you were longer trousers. Buckle or Velcro, whatever your knee pad comes with, make sure you strap them properly. After putting it on, try walking around to see whether it falls or make you feel any discomfort. If you don’t notice any of those, then it is expected that you have worn it right.


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All in all, your knee pads are the first line of defense against any possible injuries in volleyball. Make sure you search and get a quality knee pad and find the one that has paddings on the side. Because diving sideways are common in volleyball, and those paddings will safeguard you while doing so.

Also, have your knees appropriately measured. If you want the best fit, you have to get the most appropriate size that suits your knee.


How do you wear volleyball knee pads?

Obviously, for protection purposes, it saves you from possible injuries.

Which are knee pads the best for volleyball?

It depends on what type of knee pads you’re looking for. Best to have knee pads that are lighter in weight yet strong. Mizuno can be a good pick.

Why do volleyball players wear their knee pads under their knees?

Because there are many times when your knee does not hit the floor, preferably the top of your sheen touches it. And wearing it low saves that part from scratches or injuries.

Do volleyball players wear knee pads?

Yes. They do, to protect their knees/sheens from the impact against the floor.

To Sum Up

If you’re new to volleyball and learning it bit by bit every day, it is better that you start practicing wearing a knee pad. Injuries can be detrimental for your career while being completely comfortable playing with a knee pad on can be tricky. That is why it is best to start early. So, get your knee pads today and make your body get adjusted to it!

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