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Hone Your Skills with Our Mikasa MVA200 Volleyball Review

mikasa mva200 volleyball review

As a professional/intermediate volleyball player, are you always on the hunt for options that could equate your thrill and determination for the game? Do you, maybe, want the best volleyball that is unforgiving and tough to deal with, so you get a chance to hone your skills/ Luckily for you, we have our Mikasa mva200 volleyball review that breaks down one of the best of its kind into its possibilities and potentials of accuracy, reaction, control, creativity, and overall performance.

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  • Game Type: Indoors
  • Brand: Mikasa Sports
  • Ball Model: MVA200
  • Material: Leather
  • Core: Dual, Blue and Yellow
  • Size: Official Volleyball Size: No. 5
  • Weight: Under 6.5 Ounces.
  • Overall Product Dimension: 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches

Mikasa MVA200 Volleyball Review

The swirl design across eight panels on the Mikasa MVA200 is possible. It’s a unique feature. But what do you get from it? Better passing and control, two significant aspects of volley game playing. The panel comes in colors of bright blue and sharp yellow. The contrasting colors have another purpose: they let you see the ball’s spin as you play.

The design also features a double dimple mechanism, meant for float servers.


It delivers excellent hitting accuracy and consistency due to the increased contact you get for the swirl designs. Hence, it works well with hitters.


You can tweak your serves as they suit you best with the double dimple mechanism previously mentioned. The aerodynamics of it allows the ball to float better mid-game, and you will feel as if it has wings of its own if you hit it right. This increases the stability of the MVA ball too.


The material design of the MVA200 is Microfiber+PU. Both of them combine to resist sweat from the game, and so, you get little to no slip from the ball mid-game. The glued seams on the ball cover also feel soft and feature an anti-leakage bladder for better air retention to play with.


The ball is a really competitive one to play with and hence isn’t meant for kids or beginner volleyball players. Only if you are an advanced or intermediate volleyball player who knows how professional things work you can practice or play using this volleyball. Once you learn to play with it, it is tremendous to improve your competitive skills in volleyball.

Reaction Time

The contrasting color patterns allow you to better see the spin of the ball and result in faster, better reaction time than those with no such specification.


  • Long-lasting ball to go for seasons.
  • Easily detectable ball spinning and direction.
  • Great ball for setters due to offering easy grip, not slippery at all.
  • Has excellent rebounding.


  • Very hard to master to play with.
  • Has a higher learning curve, which is difficult to adjust to.
  • Not for beginners.

Bottom Line

So the summary is that the ball acts as a great value for money only if you know how to deal with it and that it has a plethora of offerings. Not to belittle anyone, but girls found this harder to play with as it affected forearm balance, and beginners weren’t a fan either.

One remedy to this could be adjusting the pressure and limiting the inflation, but that may not work for some. Professional-level volleyball players and intermediate ones love this and rave about it in games due to the high-grade feel that makes setters and hitters make great contact with the ball.

This is a float serving the genius ball, so overall, we recommend it to be professional and intermediate players to sharpen their skills and enjoy it.



Question: Out of all the Mikasa volleyballs, which is the best?

Answer: Each one is meant for playing well in certain situations; however, the VLS300 is versatile, playable for any volley player level.

Question: How do I know if the Mikasa volleyball I got is real?

Answer: You will know if your Mikasa game ball is real or fake by looking at two deciding points. First, if there are dimples on the ball, it will be real. The fake one has no dimple on the ball surface. Second, instead of glued-on seams, you will find sewn seams in a fake Mikasa ball.

Question: What can be the best volleyball I can buy?

Answer: Mikasa, Molten, or Tachikara volleyballs are great, to be honest.

Question: What is the best volleyball to buy for my kids?

Answer: Spalding VB1 is a great beginner volleyball choice for kids.


We hope you liked our Mikasa mva200 volleyball review! It was meant to give you an idea of a very decent ball that you can use in your game and one that you can find available and lasting for your practice sessions, given that you are a professional. So, if you know your game, there was a great volleyball option just right on the top, but if you’re a beginner, time to do your own research!

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