Best 5 Molten Volleyball Reviews To Get Soft-ball for Volleyball Game
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Best 5 Molten Volleyball Reviews To Get Soft-ball for Volleyball Game

Volleyball is one popular team sport, it’s played in a lot of countries and even the ones who are usually dominated by basketball, soccer, and baseball are now getting into this game.

It’s only natural that gears, apparel, and different merchandise for volleyball are now popping up like mushrooms as it’s really in demand.

Molten has long been a brand that is famous for its volleyball merchandise and gears. It also carries goods for football, basketball, dodge ball, and handball but so far its name has been closely associated with volleyball and that is why our molten volleyball reviews help you to find the best-molten volleyball.

Molten Volleyball Reviews

Rest assured that a shortlist all about Molten lets you find the best Molten Ball to enjoy the game!

Let’s get started:

1. Molten VBU12 Light Volleyball

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Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches; 3 lbs.
  • Color: Royal, Silver, White
  • Size is for Under 12 years old
  • Soft, microfiber made the composite outer layer
  • Perfect for indoor use for training
  • Lightweight, soft touch and feel

The Molten VBU12 Light Volleyball is the perfect volleyball for training. Perfectly suited for your kids under 12 years old who are getting serious about playing the sport. It will maximize their time during practice as it’s not too hard and heavy for long intense training before they play with the standard-sized volleyballs.

This volleyball is USYVL (United Stated Youth Volleyball) approved as well as the official volleyball of USA volleyball. With the right size but lightweight, it is the perfect training wheels for your young ones if they want to pursue volleyball further than just a playground sport.


–          Great construction, very durable

–          Soft-touch on the outer layer

–          Durable, can handle the wear and tear of intense training

–          Best for kids 12 under


–          Not for competitions

–          Unofficial ball

–          Not very versatile (indoors only)

2. Molten MS240-3 Light Touch Volleyball

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Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 6.1 x 5.7 inches; 8 oz.
  • Best for kids under 12 years old
  • Super soft polyurethane outer layer
  • Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Lightweight, soft touch and feel

The Molten MS240-3 Light Touch Volleyball is a very versatile indoor/outdoor ball that’s highly recommended for beginners specifically those under 12 years old.

It is lightweight and just enough size to make sure it can be handled by young athletes and that it shouldn’t be too hard on their arms. It’s also designed to handle a lot of the elements that it may come in contact with when used outdoors. Rain, dirt, and sand you name it.


–          Great construction, very durable

–          Very soft touch and feel

–          Lightweight

–          Perfect for beginners and kids under 12 years of age

–          Great color for high visibility when playing outdoors or in low light conditions


–          For training only

–          Not for a high level competitions

–          May not be able to withstand heavy usage

3. Molten Recreational Volleyball

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Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 6 inches; 9 oz.
  • Color: Orange, White
  • Cheap recreational volleyball
  • Ultra-soft polyurethane outer layer
  • Versatile indoor and outdoor construction
  • Machine stitched

The Molten Recreational Volleyball is a non-premium but high-quality volleyball. It is lightweight and has a super soft outer layer perfect for those fun games under the sun.

It is also very versatile as it can be used indoors and outdoors, meaning it can handle any elements that it may come in contact with. It is perfect for those vacations or beach trips where you want to spend that afternoon playing with friends and loved ones.

It comes in multiple fun colors too.


–          Cheap, good price

–          Soft-touch and feel

–          Great construction for the bladder ad outer layer

–          Perfect for out of town fun volleyball games


–          For recreational use only

–          Not for standard volleyball competitions

–          Medium quality

4. Molten Premium Competition L2 Volleyball, NFHS Approved

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Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches; 9.6 oz.
  • Color: Black, Silver, White
  • NFHS approved
  • Uni bladder cotton wrapped construction
  • Microfiber composite cover

The Molten Premium Competition L2 Volleyball, NFHS Approved is a go-to volleyball for official competitions or volleyball games of any level. Comes from Molten’s best-selling L2 series.

It’s a great volleyball of very high quality widely used for educational purposes and for school competitions. Very durable and very soft touch and feel with great air retention capability because of the advanced bladder technology.


–          High quality

–          NFHS approved

–          Can take the wear and tear of competitions plays

–          Great for training as well

–          Great for ball control

–          Great replica for the leather one


–          Can be hard on the outer layer at times

5. Molten Super Touch Volleyball

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Key Features:

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches; 8.8 oz. (shipping weight)
  • Color: Red, Silver, white
  • NFHS endorsed and approved
  • Premium leather cover (Japanese)
  • Uni-bladder on cotton wrapped construction

The Molten Super Touch Volleyball is one of the top volleyball for indoor competitions. It is NFHS approved which regulates volleyball games played at the high school level.

It is perfect for practice, perfect for the youth while they hone their skills for big competitions. If your kid is getting serious then this is the volleyball for you. Highly recommended by coaches and educators alike.


–          Very durable

–          Great design

–          For competitions at all levels

–          Great air retention

–          Great touch and soft feel


–          Not as good as the premium quality volleyballs

Molten Company Profile

Molten is a sports equipment and at the same time an automotive parts company. The company is based in Hiroshima Japan.

The company has long been known as a manufacturer in a variety of sports, especially team sports. Some of the products in their massive portfolio are gears, sporting goods, and apparel in American football, association football, dodge ball, handball, basketball, and volleyball.

Molten basketballs are notable for being the go-to brand of FIBA (world governing body for basketball) competitions. Also, Molten produces the official volleyballs for top-level championships in the world.

Molten will also now supply the AFC or the Asian Football Confederation for club and national team tournaments further solidifying their grasp on the sporting field. Not only that, but they also took over from Adidas, another top brand, for the UEFA Europa League which is really saying a lot.

With this and their vast portfolio in sports, you can never go wrong with a top brand like Molten for all your sporting goods necessities, and also for this cause we have spent 20+ hours of research to make molten volleyball reviews.

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Volleyball Buyer’s Guide

“Molten Volleyball Reviews” team has compiled some things to consider when purchasing a volleyball.

Indoor / Outdoor use

You need to determine whether you need a volleyball for the indoors like for a gymnasium or any arena or you need one for outdoor games like the beach or school open playgrounds.

This is important because some volleyballs are not as versatile, there are some that are specifically designed for games inside an enclosed building, these balls are generally lighter and have a one or two-color design.

This is because when playing inside there’s not much wind so the ball can be lighter and you don’t need multi-color volleyballs because there wouldn’t be any visibility issues. Also, indoor balls are often made for competitive play or official games so they are configured differently.

Outdoor volleyballs are generally much heavier for it needs that extra weight as wind resistance. Also, they sometimes come in great designs and tri-colors for high visibility on an open court.

A famous outdoor volleyball is beach volleyball. Beach volleyball has been a widely renowned game in itself and has a recognizable White, Blue, and yellow color combination. Outdoor volleyballs are also designed to withstand all the elements that come with it being played either on sand, rain, dirt, or any other elements it will be exposed to.

Training or Pro?

It’s also important to know whether you are purchasing a volleyball for your kids, for your students, varsity team, or for official games or maybe it is just for fun.

Recreational balls come in really cheap but tear and wear out really quickly. These balls also sometimes won’t come in official colors and will come in graphic designs that can be fun.

There are special training volleyballs for beginners, both for adults and kids. Knowing what the trainees would need is key for their growth as players. These volleyballs are tweaked in terms of their size and weight in order to fit in the training regimen for either kids or adults that are going for more serious competitions.

And lastly, there are standardized balls for official games. These volleyballs are approved by volleyball’s leading organizations that determine the fairness and standardization of all volleyball games and materials. We are here with our molten volleyball reviews to show what is perfect for you and what is not!

Also, you can see another article about what is an ace in volleyball.

Volleyball basic rules:

Here are some of the rules when playing the game:

  1. Six players on the floor at any time, there should be three in the front row and three in the back row. Libero is also an important part of this combination.
  2. Maximum of three hits per side, before having to get it over the opponent team (A block is not considered a hit).
  3. A player cannot hit the ball twice successively.
  4. The ball can be played off the net during a volley and a serve.
  5. A ball hitting the boundary line is considered in.
  6. Each set can only be won by exactly two points.
  7. 5 set matches are 4 sets race to 25 points and fifth set race to 15. The first to 3 sets will win.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When was volleyball created?

Volleyball was invented in 1985 by William G. Morgan, four years after the invention of basketball. Morgan was a graduate of the YMCA.

What is FIVB?

The FIVB or the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball is the world governing body for volleyball.

Who are the top volleyball players in the world?

Charles “Karch” Kiraly is considered the best volleyball player of all time. The only player to have won both indoor and beach volleyball world championships. Gilberto Amaury de Godoy Filho or Giba a volleyball player from Brazil is also known to be one of the best. Lang “Jenny” Ping or also known as the iron hammer is a Chinese volleyball player whose name is always on top of the all-time list.

What are the leading teams/countries in volleyball both men’s and women’s?

China edges the USA in the women’s division, while Brazil edges Poland in the men’s division.

When are the volleyball world championships held and who were the most recent champions both for men’s and women’s?

The world championships are held every four years, with 24 teams and the recent champion in Poland. Russia has the most championship with 6 for men. While Serbia won the most recent championship for women with still Russia on the lead for gold with 7.

How popular is volleyball?

Volleyball has about 1 billion fans all over the world and it currently ranks 6th on the list of the most popular sports in the world behind basketball, cricket, and soccer.

What are the other leading brands in volleyball sporting goods?

Mikasa, Spalding, Wilson, Mizuno, Tachikara, Nike, and some of the world’s leading brands in volleyball manufacturing aside from Molten.

What are the different volleyball positions?

The outside hitter (left-wing spiker), opposite hitter (right-wing spiker), Middle blocker, Libero, Defensive specialist, and Setter are your different volleyball positions.

Final Words

No matter the choice in the brand for your sporting goods it’s important that constant practice be a part of one’s routine in order to excel. Not just in volleyball but in any sport. But knowing the right gears for you especially recognizing top brands like Molten would surely help you get to where you want to be.

We hope that our Molten volleyball review has helped shed some light on your questions and inquiries as to which type of ball you should go for. Whether it is for training or competitive volleyball games, knowing what you need goes a long way.

So have fun, and practice some more!

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