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What Does Side-Out Mean In Volleyball? Learn it in A Minute!

What Does Side Out Mean In Volleyball

Despite being an old scoring system, side out is still used all around the globe in volleyball courts. You could hear the word side out but may not know what it’s all about. That’s why a question may pop up in your mind, “what does side out mean in volleyball?’’. Well, to answer that question, we’d briefly discuss the issue in our following guide.

In general, the side out scoring system usually meant that a team could score a point only while serving.

So you’d basically needed to ‘side out’ while the opponent was serving.

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What Does Side-Out Mean In Volleyball?

Today the definition of side out has changed slightly. It’s not the same as before, and a new meaning to the words has appeared. When your team is about to defend a service is known as a side out. Let’s find out about it in detail.

What’s the New and the Old Scoring System?

So, you may already know that Volleyball has two systems of rules involved. One is old, and another is new, which is practiced all over the world right now.

In 1895 G. Morgan, an avid trainer at YMCA in the US attempted to develop a sport that would have the flavor of both handball, basketball, baseball, and tennis altogether. And as a result, he invented the Volleyball sport; it was called Mintonette at that time. Later due to suggestions from people, the name was changed to the present-day name, Volleyball.

Volleyball since then was played on the side out scoring system. But in 1999, the side out scoring system was changed to the new rally scoring system. The principal goal of changing the rule was to make the lengths more easily calculable.

All About Side-Out Now

So, as we explained, the side out was a scoring system that allowed you to earn a point only when serving. Without serving, it wasn’t possible to win a point. Much more like badminton, you’d wanted to side out to get the serving back so points could be scored.

But as the rules of scoring have changed right now, the side out mainly refers to the teams going to receive the service. When a team is receiving the service, they’re known to be in a side-out position.

So, previously when you were trying to win the service back to score points, it was called a side out. But right now, when you score a point while the opponent is serving is called a side out.


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Final Thoughts

So, after our detailed discussion, we’re positive that the word ‘side out’ would start making much more sense right now, especially if you didn’t know what it means. Only the serving team could score points in the old rule, but in the newest scoring rules, any team can score points. So, when you’re scoring a point where the opponent has served, it’s called a slide-out. It’s often used as a verb or noun, for instance, “we’d have to sideout this point” or “it was a stunning side out.”

As you know, what does side out mean in Volleyball, the rule, and the terminology well? It should help you on the court from now on!

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