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When is Volleyball Season for High School? A Quick Guide Fall Sports & Club Volleyballs

when is volleyball season for high school

When is volleyball season for high school? High school volleyball is yet to start, but beginners this time can’t seem to wait as this seems to be a pressing question in their minds!

While we see this game being played all throughout the year for recreational purposes, the official games tend to have a set schedule. Here’s all about them!

When is Volleyball Season for High School: Fall or Winter?

High school and middle school volleyball are scheduled for two periods of the year. The first is in summer when competing schools play a game of beach volleyball, and the second is in fall/spring when they enjoy and compete in a game of indoor volleyball.

The time and month of play are really very dependent on the school districts, locations, age groups of the students in question, and even their genders. A typical competitive season lasts for 10-12 weeks, where the girls typically enjoy the game from late August to October, and the high school boys have their game within March to May.

Fall sports

So, as you know, the high school girl’s volleyball starts in fall, while the high school boys have theirs in spring. But if your boys (or girls) are looking for other competitive sports to play in the coming fall, there are games such as soccer, football, field hockey, and much more! For a not-so-competitive game, water polo and lacrosse are great too!

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Games in a High School Volleyball Season

In each season, there are three games played to 25 with a cap. However, playoff games are played to 25 without a cap at 27. You can expect each of them to be an hour-long; warm-up is included in this hour.

Club Volleyball

Two of the most important questions about club volleyball are about their duration and costs.


The starting and ending times of Club volleyball season may start from high school tryout sessions in October, practice sessions in November to the end of the tournament in late April. However, if you qualify for the National-level Championship, you can expect things to last till early July.


Clubs usually have variable fees in the seasons, with updates being posted regularly on the websites. It includes membership fees, entry fees for the tournament, rental fees for the gym, jerseys or uniforms, administrative expenses, and buying team equipment. Transportation fees are not included unless it is a team trip.

High School Volleyball in Illinois

A girl’s high school volleyball season is scheduled in Illinois from March 8-April 24. This will be a shorter season than usual, without any post-season play. Boys volleyball is also scheduled from April through to June. However, these may be susceptible to changes.

Final Words

As you learned, when is volleyball season for high school? It varies depending on the gender of the students and the school districts. But it is typically in the fall for girls and in the spring for boys.

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