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Why Do Volleyball Players Tape Their Fingers (Uncover the Hidden Reasons!)

Why do volleyball players tape their fingers

While spectating or playing, you’d often notice the seasoned athletes wearing tapes. But why do volleyball players tape their fingers all the time?

Although it looks highly uncomfortable, there are reasons as to why any experienced athletes would do that—especially those who don’t have a sound understanding of the entire game and its inner mechanisms. But, interestingly, the tapes help the athletes and improve their performance on the field. Here in our detailed guide, we’ll try to look at some of the chief reasons as to why you’d want to tape the fingers in the first place.

Why Do Volleyball Players Tape their Fingers

Volleyball players can tape their fingers for many reasons; here are some of the most common reasons we have discussed. Let’s check them out one by one!

Why do they wear tape?

Well, volleyball isn’t the easiest game to play. It has been created blending basketball, tennis, baseball, and handball combined and requires extraordinary physical capabilities to perform well. It would work almost each of your body parts, from fingertips to a variety of muscles. Let’s look at why they wear the tapes.

Volleyball Players wear tape because it offers more strength when playing

Your fingers would be in the first line of attack in the game. Hitting the ball requires immense strength, and for the finger to take that alone can be not easy. That’s why tapes are used to strengthen the finger to take the load of the intense hitting on the large ball.

You’d also find a unique taping style which is called a buddy taping technique. In buddy taping, the athletes would tape out two fingers together. It improves the density and offers more power defense.

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White tape distracts the opposition

Another key reason why the athletes tape their fingers is a distraction. Applying intelligent taping techniques can distract the opponent as well. As a result, you get a technical advantage over the opponent as well!

How do you tape your fingers?

Taping the fingers well can be a highly effective practice in the game of volleyball. That’s why you should know the secret techniques to tape the fingers well. Here are some of the key ways you can use it:

  • Put the hand on a plain and hard surface
  • Start folding the gauze slowly with pressure between your desired fingers.
  • Now wrap athletic tape circling the finger base
  • Wrap between the finger joints for more reinforcement and strength.

How to tape your fingers for volleyball?

While taping, keep in mind that the taping would be done to improve the strength of the fingers and protect the fingers from any outer damage due to hitting on the ball with force.

So, tape durably not pressing too hard or not being too relaxed for the optimum performance.

How to tape your fingers with dry and cracking skin?

Taping the dry, cracked skin can be a tricky matter altogether. Here are some of the ways you can tape dry skin.

  1. First, try to measure the length of tape needed starting from the cracking sections to the top. Cut at double the length.
  2. Then start wrapping the already cut tape from the cracked base to the end of the fingertip. As you have cut double the length, redo the same wrapping once again.
  3. So, you’d finish at the same point as you started first.

As the tape is wrapped twice, it won’t come off easily and remain duly stuck for the rest of the game.

What is volleyball finger taping & What is the purpose?

Volleyball taping is one of the key pre-match techniques that most professional athletes use. It involves using tape to wrap around the fingers individually or two fingers at a time.

The main purpose of applying this particular technique is to improve the support on the fingers. Volleyball is bigger compared to your fingers. So, when the ball is hit hard, it puts immense pressure on the fingers. Taping is mainly used to dispense this extreme pressure and defend the fingers from injuries.

Different reasons for volleyball finger taping?

There isn’t one single reason for using finger taping. Here we’d like to discuss the several reasons why volleyball taping is used.

  • It helps to quicken up the healing of your finger.
  • Even after sustaining minor injuries, the athletes can reappear quicker
  • It decreases the possibility of a future finger injury due to unbearable strain
  • Taping reinforces the fingers, so it lets you strike more freely and harder.

Volleyball finger taping technique

There are tonnes of different techniques of taping. Here we’d like to discuss some of them.

Volleyball finger taping technique for added strength

Here is how you can tap for added strength

  • As you’d be going to tape two fingers together, use a gauge in between the fingers to minimize friction
  • Wrap around the fingers while the gauge is in the middle
  • Wrap is lightly, so blood circulation remains normal

Volleyball finger taping technique to protect the nail

If you want to protect your nail from the immense impact of striking the ball, this technique will be highly effective.

  • Use 3 inch long tapes
  • Press it starting on the fingertip area
  • The wrap is covering the fingertip and nail.
  • Finally, use another tape to lay a protective cover on the already placed tape on the nail.

Volleyball finger taping to Prevent Bending

Here are some of the techniques to follow to safeguard the fingers from bending

  • Start the taping right above the knuckle
  • Then wrap the tape around the knuckle diagonally and do the same on the opposite side as well.
  • Finally, wrap over the finger starting from the fingertip.

Volleyball finger taping to protect an injured finger

Protecting an injured finger can be a tricky task. An injured finger won’t let you perform the way you want freely. On top of it, putting too much pressure on the injured finger can risk more serious injury.

  • First, wrap a gauge around the injured finger
  • Wrap the gauge around with a stretchy compression tape
  • Reinforce the wrap using wrap strips

Volleyball finger taping to protect finger with weakened joint

To tape for the weakened joints. You can follow bending or strength taping techniques which we mentioned above in explicit details.

It is essential that you use the right technique for taping your fingers

Each taping technique comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Each method is designed to provide a particular set of benefits that the other one may not.

That’s why we’d recommend using the one for specific purposes. If you require added strength, then follow the one that says to provide you with that.

Each wrapping technique offers special support for each task. So, we’d recommend you follow the specified finger wrapping approach for each task.

fingers taping for sports

How to speed up the healing of injured fingers?

Healing the injured fingers is highly critical. It reduces the time you need to get back on the pitch.

On top of that, it also improves your performance as you’d be able to be on the field most of the time, even after injuries.

There are multiple ways you can speed up the recovery time. Here are some we’d like to discuss:

  • Give it some rest. If you think the injury can worsen due to playing, it’s better to study the side-bench game than on the pitch.
  • Applying ice on the finger couple of times each day
  • Use a finger wrap
  • Use a brace to offer support.
  • Take suggestions from expert medical professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does taping your fingers do?

It has multiple actions to perform. Primarily, taping improves the strength of striking as well as protects the finger from possible injuries.

How do you tape your fingers for volleyball?

The taping style varies for each way. We’ve mentioned a few in the guide. Try following the one that suits your taping reasons.

What is the tape volleyball players wear?

The sort of tape worn by the volleyball sportsmen is called the athletic tape. You can find athletic tapes from different manufacturers in the market.

Did libero tape their fingers?

Yes, based on personal requirements, liberos can use finger tapings as well.

How do you treat a finger injury in volleyball?

Resting and using ice is the primary stage. For serious injuries, asking the medic for immediate checkups for broken fingers is often done.

Final Words

Why do volleyball players tape their fingers? Well, we believe we’ve already explained all the potential reasons in detail. So, chiefly the main reason for taping the fingers is to protect the fingers from hard strikes and reduce the possibility of future injuries. Taping the fingers makes the game much more enjoyable and fun to play as it strengthens your fingers for a better hitting experience throughout the game.

Furthermore, taping can also minimize the recovery time of minor injuries and offer a better overall experience for everyone to enjoy! So, what are you waiting for? Learn the varied taping techniques and rule the pitch as you should!

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