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Win the Big Game! Wilson AVP Replica Volleyball Review

wilson avp replica volleyball review

Have you played your best beach volley yet? With the gust of wind always getting in the way of your ball movement and a continually slipping grip for the weather, you may not have the luck of playing your best game till now. Meeting these two needs comes with expensive balls, true. But what if we said you could hit it with replicas too?

This is why we decided to do a Wilson AVP replica volleyball review for you, based on its features and built grip and projection. You’ll also get a buying guide of styles, reviews and considerations to help you find the best replica for the next game!

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Wilson AVP Replica Volleyball Review

This replica ball has its base on the official AVP II ball and has been made attentive to what you would expect from the original: the panels, the shape retention, the texture and touch, etc. Let’s see how it stands up to the claims:

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In terms of design, this replica ball has been made in the effort of creating a perfect beach volleyball as used by professionals. You can get improved spin direction and wind resistance from the graphics of the ball. It also pays attention to the actual shape retention and the durability of it during all the games you play.

Texture and Touch:

The touch of the ball feels superior and premium. It has microfiber composite leather as a part of its body which resists both dirt and moisture that beach games are guilty of so the texture remains the same throughout the game!

Control and Responsiveness:

From the 18-panel construction with grooves and curves and the machine-sewn feature, you can get a better grip. Again, thanks to the butyl rubber bladder, you can better control the ball when it is time for the game. It increases your responsiveness as you hit or are about to receive the ball and save it from flying off.


Colours: Yellow and White

Product Dimensions, Weight: 8 x 8 x 8 inches, 1 pound

Circumference: 64.5 centimetres

Best Playing Surface: Beach

Construction: Microfiber Composite leather, 18-panel, machine-sewn.

Why is this a top-pick?

As you know, AVP stands for Association of Professional Volleyball. When we are talking about a professional ball and playing with it, of course, it is meant for a premium experience since actual volley players will be using it in their semis and finals. But these are almost always super expensive.

This is why getting a decent replica that can nearly match the specs and performance of the original one is quite a blessing for us who want to practice for a good game. This is why we picked this ball for you. With the replica AVP II, you can practice like professional volley players without having to pay a cut-throat price. And if you look at the features, we think it’s a good catch that features excellent air retention, grip and responsiveness!

Pros and Cons


  • A good replica that ensures an effective practice.
  • Good air retention.
  • 18-panel construction gives a better grip.
  • Premium microfiber material that resists dirt and moisture.


  • Actual ball size may be a little small from the original.
  • May come fully/not inflated.


Buying Guide

With the help of this guide, you can make your next beach volleyball purchase:

Style and Material

Like the 18-panel here, you need to check the construction of the ball. The graphics and materials are a combination of the style and design altogether. Check for what kind of material has been used in making the ball, and whether it can save you from making your hands dirty and sweaty. Also, a ball that can be gripped well, not too big, is also essential. Being lightweight is also necessary to allow air retention.

What others saying

Checking how the ball in question performs can help you know how good it is in terms of real performance. Read reviews online or ask friends into volleyball. It can help you get a better idea of things.

Where to buy

You can either order it Amazon or go to your nearest sports store to purchase the ball. But beware of second-class replicas or replicas and only purchase from trusted stores.

Why should you choose Wilson AVP replica volleyball?

To sum up, if you want a volleyball for your next beach game that won’t dissatisfy, you can go for it!

Final Words

We hope you liked the Wilson AVP replica volleyball review! Don’t be disheartened thinking about a replica but look again at its performance and you’ll be definitely pleased.

Good luck for the next game!

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